This is a response to the article “Why Bother” by Michael Pollan which appeared in the New York Times. In this article he asks the simple question “Why Bother”, and what am i alone going to do to change this world with my going green.  He states that you alone against the world may not do the amount that’s needed to save the earth but your actions could have someone else go green as well with their actions. And with that chain reaction the world could snowball into going green.


I think that this is the reason to go green on a single person level. You probably can’t do a whole lot by yourself to change the world, but if everyone does the same thing then going green could have a huge effect on co2 and global warming and ice caps and all of that. He talks about making your own garden and providing for yourself. I think that is a great idea and more people should have a garden for themselves. you may actually have a neighbor or their kid that one day could make a difference. So why not try to make some of your own food and maybe make a difference.