This is a response to the article seen in Time Magazine called “The Coming U.S.- China Solar War” by Bryan Walsh. This article states that recently China is starting to undermine the U.S. solar panel industry. China is able to make panels cheaper so they can sell them cheaper here. It is also believed that China is boosting its sales and that is not fair to other panel manufacturers.  It is possible for these panels to be taxed heavily to preserve the industry here in the U.S.  The only fear of this is that taking the cheap panels and taxing them will make the growing solar energy switch in the states take longer from the price of it.  

This could be a big issue. I’m a proponent of made in America and think that there should more thing made here. The only problem would be the fact of how expensive everything would be. Which is the basic premise of the article. If the cheap solar panels were taxed to be equal price to the expensive ones, it would close the market on them and who could buy them. I think solar and wind energy are very useful alternatives that were used in the past and should be big sources in the future. Getting there is the big question however. More people need to look at everyone, not just themselves.