In the article “Going, Going, Green” by Eviana Hartman from The Washington Post is an article about 12 different ways people are going green.  The mini articles are on things like biofuels and plastics made from plants. Some of them sound like they’re meant for the public and could really take off and help the world. others are less broad and are specific companies  doing green things.

This article is extremely helpful to someone who is just learning about going green. A greatest hits of green practices if you will. One i liked most was the trees made from plants. This makes the plastic biodegradable which is nice for landfills and people who for some reason don’t throw trash away. Another cool thing is Cradle to Cradle. This is making products kinda like nature makes products, nothing is wasted. So things made out of metal can be re-used and fabrics are biodegradable. These ideas could realy change the world.