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The Fear Inside

shows what part of the brain is in charge ofIn the article “Searching the Brain for the Roots of Fear” by Joseph Ledoux, he talks about fear and where it is believed to be in the brain. Every animal feels fear.  Anxiety is a after effect of fear. Its like the fear of being scared.  This is much greater in humans.  This article then describes the difference between anxiety and fear.

This article is very true. You can see it in your own life so it makes it easy to connect to it.  When i was in social psych class there was an entire unit on fear and anxiety in nature.  Animals don’t only work like this in fear they can also be trained to do things with this principle. If a fear scared you once you could see the place again you could still be scared.


Going Green with Sunflowers

In the article “The Green Industrial Revolution” by Jeannie Choi. Going green appears to pertain mostly to middle class white people than the poor class of minorities living in cities. green products are very expensive for those who may not have jobs that can afford this luxury and the produce is either not there in big cities or is overpriced as well. This article talks about the vacant lots in Pittsburgh that can be turned into sunflower fields. The flowers can converted into bio fuels by local residents of the area.

Sunflower field

This idea is very seems very green. It creates jobs, its helping the environment and it has an alternative energy aspect that can help the world if it was used on a country wide scale.  I do agree with the slight racism of going green.  I don’t believe its intentional though.  I believe most if not all the reason there seems to be racism in going green is because of how much going green actually costs to be.